Cutting the Cost of Overseas Travel

When funds are limited, the annual holiday can hastily become relegated to the bottom of the ‘luxury item’ list and sacrificed, but they needn’t be. By shopping around and being clever with your cash, memorable, adventurous and exotic overseas trips are still affordable.

Here are some top tips for keeping your costs down, and your holiday aspirations up.

Cheap car Hire

Having your own transport can be far more economical than relying on public transport, especially when there is a small group of you travelling. You can book cheap car hire through Car Rental Choice, and collect or drop-off your vehicle at practically any airport, seaport or city anywhere in the world. On top of that there are always seasonal deals and discounts available, so check the website regularly or sign up to our newsletter for updates on our offers.

Hostels and Backpackers

If your only experience of staying in a hostel was as a teen on a school trip where you had to share a cold, draughty dormitory which had a questionable aroma and lots of places where big spiders were bound to be lurking, then you are in for a treat. The backpacking industry is booming and this means excellent accommodation is available at rock bottom prices, worldwide. Some have private bedrooms, hot tubs, meet and greet BBQ’s, dogs you can walk, free nights…the list is quite literally endless. Research potential places to stay online – not just hostel websites, but customer reviews and travel blogs; they’ll give you an honest picture of what to expect and where to get a good deal.


There are few places in the world that don’t have backpacking accommodation, but if you’re planning on staying clear of civilisation for a few days and soaking up the great outdoors, then camping is a great and cheap alternative. Once you’ve got a hire car, you’ve got the freedom to carry a lot of equipment with you and vary where you stay.



Yes, dining out when away on holiday is fantastic, but for the budget-conscious; food is food. As long as your tummy’s full and happy, your getaway is going exactly as it should. Instead of eating out every night, do it maybe once or twice but in the meantime, shop at local supermarkets and markets. Not only will your savings be huge, but you’ll be able to drive out to picturesque spots and have lunch on the side of a mountain, on a beach, in a cave by candlelight – the choices are endless. If it’s a hot, cooked meal you’re after, then the communal kitchens in backpacker hostels are well equipped with all the cooking equipment you might need, but what’s more, most are stocked with a range of free condiments to help you jazz up your ingredients.

Online discounts

Planning ahead can be a real money-saver. If you know of a particular attraction you’d like to visit in the city you’re going to, such as an aquarium or museum, you’re likely to find ‘2 for 1 offers’ listed on their websites which aren’t available at entrance gates. The same applies for parking; many major car-park operators offer discounts for paying in advance.

Ask for money!

It might seem cheeky, but if your friends and family know you’re saving for a holiday, asking them for cash donations in the currency you’ll need will save them the hassle of having to shop around for an actual gift and money is incredibly easy to wrap. You’re actually doing them a favour. But, what’s more, if you’re not very good at saving, no matter how great the temptation you won’t be able to break into your holiday funds. Just remember to send them a postcard from wherever you go as a thank you.