Cyprus Car Rental Driving Rules

Rental Speed Limits

Built-up areas: 50kmh/31mph
major roads outside towns: 80kmh/50mph
major roads outside towns:
100kmh/62 mph).

General Driving

Drive on the left and overtake on the right.

It is compulsory to carry 2 warning triangles.

Seatbelts are compulsory if fitted.

Dipped headlights should be used in built-up areas after sunset.

Use of the horn is restricted to emergencies only.

Parking is strictly prohibited at all times on a single yellow line, unlike in the uk.

Travel Tips

Cyprus is an island in the eastern Mediterranean. Its varied landscapes cover rugged coastlines, rocky hills, forest-covered mountains and sandy beaches where turquoise waves lap against the shore, making it an ideal location for a vacation. The division of Cyprus between the ethnic Greeks and Turks is the obsession of the nation, however, there have been no open hostilities for over two decades.

Cyprus is characterized by the Troodos mountains in the centre of the island, the fertile Messaoria plain which runs eastward along the north coast and the Morphou Basin which runs around the coast in the west.