However, the practical need to hire a car can sometimes mean that the potential for the experience to be fun is overlooked. Have no fear.

We have got some tips on how you can make renting a car a fun part of any travel trip.

Take Control

Regardless of the reason for you hiring a car, if you’ve been designated as the driver then make sure you’re in the driving seat when it comes to choosing a vehicle. Any journey will be made more enjoyable if first and foremost, you select a car that you actually want to drive. This could be as simple as making sure that if you’ll be hitting the road in a hot country, you book one with air conditioning – spending your day in a car that will have you sweating more than an aerobic workout in a sauna will take the shine out of any drive. Think about the kind of comfort, power and handling you’d really like at your control and choose a car accordingly.

car hire fun

If you’re booking a hire car for the purpose of seeing as much of a holiday destination as possible, then it’s likely that you’ll be spending a considerable chunk of your trip behind the wheel. This might be the only holiday you get this year, or even for the next couple of years so why not make the most of it and upgrade your vehicle to something a little more luxurious? It’s easy now to hire a classic car, a sporty convertible or a jeep and this holiday could be just the chance you’ve been waiting for to drive a vehicle that you’d need a lottery win to have at your disposal full time – you’re going on holiday so treat yourself!

Once you’ve got the actual business of driving arranged, pack your sense of humour alongside your licence and give any of these other simple tricks a go to make your drive fun.

  • Turn off the sat nav, put down the map and step away from the local guides. Any good holiday has a bit of adventure, and you’re sure to find it if you just throw caution to the wind and allow yourself to get lost.
  • If another road user shows you some courtesy, don’t just salute them politely with your palm, give them an enthusiastic thumbs up and a super-grin; you’ll make their day and amuse yourself at the same time – try it!
  • Sing. Loudly. Don’t be afraid to let other drivers or pedestrians hear you, there’s no better place to serenade a stranger than at a set of traffic lights.
  • Laughter makes anything better, so if you have a long drive ahead and need some rib ticklers, why not download any of the hundreds of comedy podcasts available online from websites like itunes?


How do you keep yourself amused while you’re driving? We’d love to hear your tips for making long journeys fun, and if you tell us about them, we’ll add them to this guide for everyone else to try! [email protected]