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    Car Hire Miami: Rent a car in Miami to explore the Playground of Florida!

    If Florida is the playground of the country, then Miami has to be the center court in the state. Moving beyond the Aussie way of nicknaming beachfront partying hotspots and the main court of Wimbledon that the British and tennis lovers’ treasure, Miami is indisputably the place where you should be holidaying, partying and having a time of your life. Even if you are on business or you wish to indulge in luxury vacationing, Miami will leave you satiated and more.
    Miami has many distinctions to be proud of. The sand, surf and the sun are just what nature intended. The city ensured that it had all the right ingredients for a perfect holiday. There are swanky hotels and budget properties, business centers and shopping hotspots, some of the best lounges and pubs in the world and there is no dearth of recreation centers. Regardless of age, what you do and where you come from, Miami will give you more than what you need to have a perfect stay.
    But to begin all that, you would need to rent a car in Miami. The city has been hailed as the cleanest in the country by none other than Forbes one year, it has been declared as the cruise capital of the world, the city is a financial hub with the downtown area having more banks than anywhere else in the country and the multicultural city is more diverse than you would imagine.
    Finding a car rental in Miami is no big deal. What you have to decide is the type of car hire in Miami you would be happy with. You can get almost any type of car that you want. Brand new Porsches or the vintage Caddies, top of the line Bentley or a family friendly Toyota, from the Chevys to Fords, Audis to Volkswagens, you would get any type of car, any day of the week and any time of the year. In the sunshine state of the United States, there is no dull day and there is no off-peak or shoulder season. Anytime is great for a holiday or business and when you arrive, rent a car in Miami and explore the playground and its center court.
    Car rental in Miami comes in myriad arrangements. You could hire a chauffeur driven car, you could drive it yourself, you can have a combination, you can opt for select routes or commutes when you would have the car or you can keep it with you as long as you need for wherever you have to travel.

    Finding Car Rental in Miami

    Finding your perfect hire car couldn’t be easier. Simply fill the Car Hire Miami Search form with your details and click ‘Book Now’. You will find a wide range of available hire cars with discounted rates available between the dates you specify.


    Car Hire Requirements

    To hire a car you will need of course a valid driving license and a current credit card.  These will be needed  to make your car hire booking and also to collect your hire car.  In some places you will also be required to present your passport and always be asked to present you Car Hire Voucher.  You will recieve your voucher after you have reserved your car hire so don’t forget it check the details, print it off and take it with you.


    Miami Car Hire Pickup Locations

    • Miami Beach Car Hire
    • North Beach Miami  Car Hire,
    • South Beach Miami Car Hire
    • Miami Airport Car Hire
    • Miami Port Car Hire
    • Miami city (Various locations)


    About Miami

    Miami Florida is one of’s top car hire destinations due to the weather, the beach, the sand and the sun.  It is one of Florida’s finest cities and most populated with over 400,000 inhabitants.

    To get around easily it is best to rent a car in miami. Quite simply, downtown Miami and Miami Beach are separated a good distance from each other.  With all the sights and attractions to be found in and around the city, it will be almost impossible to see all the ‘must-do’ attractions during a stay without a vehicle. We have Miami South Beach car hire and Miami North beach car hire as well as many other locations downtown making car hire in Miami easy.

    Many tourists head for South Beach during the daylight hours for the shopping and of course the beach itself. Doing this misses out on the true spirit of South Beach which veritably demonstrates itself through its vibrant nightlife found in the many bars and nightspots which remain open until the early hours.

    Although Miami is regarded as somewhat of a ‘crime capital’ in America because of its relationship with drugs and gang related crime, the city can only become threatening to tourists when passing through certain areas (those not usually frequented by tourists). Overtown for example has the highest crime rate in the city and is generally worth avoiding anyway from a tourist’s point of view.


    An average return flight to Miami with a major carrier such as British Airways can cost anything from between £400-£600 when booking casually, although it is always worth checking the press for special offers companies such as British Airways and Virgin Atlantic regularly run. As recently as January 2009, selected flights were available from just £300 for a return.

    Given the size of Miami, accommodation options are understandably various. Miami has a history of being able to provide unique art deco hotels on top of the usual chain hotels found in most major cities, with prices starting from £100 a night to anything as high as £500 for the more luxurious establishments. Chains also range vastly in price depending on location. A stay in the five star Ritz Carlton on South Beach will set you back around £500 a night, whereas a night in a Holiday Inn or similar chain will cost you around £100-£150 per room per night.

    Taxi fares around Miami are considered relatively expensive compared to the rest of the United States. There is a minimum charge of $2.50, followed by a $0.40 increment for every 1/6 of a mile ($2.40 per mile) travelled, meaning a five mile journey will cost you $14.50.

    Miami is a cultural hotbed when it comes to food, thanks to the many different international communities who have set up home in Miami. Miami is known as the ‘New World’ by foodies because of this and the 6000 restaurants you can find in central areas alone. Expect to pay around $50 per head in an upmarket restaurant and $25 for a meal in a mid-price respected restaurant.


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